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Our Mission

Provide the Independent Author/Writer/Blogger with the resources and services needed to succeed. When you succeed…We succeed!

Doesn’t matter if you are writer, blogger and/or an author, we have the resources to help you put out the best work possible. Maybe you are chasing the dream of becoming a published author. We can help their also with services that will get you along with your book noticed.

The Conception

Joseph Clay, a published independent author began his writing career in 2012. Joseph understands and knows the agony and struggles that a new author/writer encounters.

How? He has been through them.

Joseph had a desire to find away to help other author/writers avoid some of the same pit falls and mistakes he endured. He figured who better to design a website for the Independent Author/Writers than a Independent Author/Writer.

His goal was to develop a website that would help with the learning curve of going from idea to published book. The idea grew as he laid out what all he endured when getting his first book to print. Joseph decided that a publishing company for the Independent was needed. A company that would help the Independent Author/Writer throughout the process.

Not any publishing company but one that would strive to remove the stigma surrounding the Independent Author/Writer. Unlike traditional publishing companies this company would care about the Author/Writer and the quality of their work. Joseph’s company would put quality before money!

The publishing company would also furnish writing tips, advice and inspiration along with the publishing services. The one stop shop would also showcase the works of the Independent Author/Writer.

The Early Days

ThunderHorse Publishing was created and founded in 2017.

The early days of the company were rough. The concept of a publishing company geared to help the Independent Author/Writer have a voice and achieve name recognition gained popularity. The fast growth of the company caused major growing pains.

Joseph was approached by a management firm who had extensive experience in the publishing field. Joseph turned the reins of the company over to the group.

The firm lead the company in a new direction. A direction that Joseph was not pleased with. Joseph knew things had to change and change in a hurry. You can read all about that saga by clicking on the button balled “Past” at the bottom of this page.

Who We Are Today

Thunderhorse Publishing is an internet based company located in Nashville, Tennessee. The company is owned and managed by Joseph E Clay Dot Com.

After the horrid start Joseph reclaimed the company and began making changes. Most of the visual changes are complete, there are more to be implemented as the restructuring continues. All the modifacations and restructuring brings THP back to its original intent. That was to give the Independent Author/Writer a voice and platform to be heard.

ThunderHorse Publishing is once again geared to help the Independent Author chase and achieve their dream. THP has also created a platform that will showcase the Independent Author/Writer that will accomplish just that.

The Corral – Online Magazine

Toward the middle of June 2019 ThunderHorse Publishing began developing an online magazine titled The Corral. This new addition to the ThunderHorse Publishing family will showcase the writings of Independent Author/Writers in a published format. The magazine also features a Visual Writing Prompt contest.

The Corral is another outlet for the Independent. The pages between the covers will be filled with their works. The Corral will also feature Independent photographers, musicians and visual artists.

Head on over and check them out.

The past wasn’t pretty, but it is just that…the past. Read all about it.

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