Q and A with Ava Bell – Author

Issue #24
Blog #3-2016
Section: Q and A
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Ava Bell – Author

Ava Bell is an Independent Author who writes Erotic Fiction and resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

After reading Ava’s four books, I reviewed them, and you can read my reviews here: Miles from Home & the Tabu series – 1) C/curious, 2) A/awakening and 3) S/submit.

I enjoyed the books so much I contacted Ava to see if she would be interested in doing an interview, to my surprise she agreed. I composed twenty off the wall questions and sent them to her.

Hang onto your hat, get ready, set, here we go.

 Q: First off, Ava, thank you for agreeing to this new adventure of mine and for being my first independent author to interview. Let’s get all the naysayers out of the way; the four books I read and reviewed were purchased by me and not given to me by you. Also neither one of us has been paid to conduct this interview, which means the reviews that can be found on this site are my opinions and not influenced by you nor any party connected to you. Is that correct?

 “That is correct, Joe.”

Q: In the author bio of C/curious it states that in high school you wrote several short stories, but never shared them with anyone. Was this when you knew you wanted to be an author?

“No, I really didn’t give it much thought back then, even though I always had a story of some sort in my head. I think I really started getting interested in writing when I discovered the world of indie authors.”

Q: Not counting the short stories in high school, was Miles from Home the first book you wrote, or the first one to be published?

“Yes, Miles from Home was my first published novel. I knew when I started it that I had to see it through; it was my own personal mission.”

Q: How long did it take to write Miles from Home and what was your inspiration for the story-line?

“The story had been in my head for years; it slowly evolved as I started writing it. I started it in July of 2014 and finished it in January of 2015.”

Q: How long did it take to write the Tabu series and what was your inspiration for the story-line?

“The Tabu series didn’t take me much time to write. Some of it is fiction and some is not. My inspiration would be Markus, who in fact does exist.”

Q: Did it start out as a series?

“Yes, I wanted to break it up into three novellas because I felt each one deserved the full attention of the reader. Some things get bogged down in a story when actually they are vital parts.”

Q: Why do you think most writers of erotic fiction are women?

“Probably because we aren’t afraid to express ourselves, whether it’s sexually or emotionally. But I think that’s all changing now; there are some wonderful male writers that are very good and very popular.”

Q: Does it bother you that your books, which have such strong storylines, are classified as erotic fiction? I can understand the Tabu series, but Miles from Home? Heck, if wasn’t for sex none of us would be here.

“No, I just want the reader to have an escape, whether it’s erotic or otherwise. Sex is a wonderful thing! Couples who have sex regularly live longer. The health benefits are amazing.”

Q: I believe the word “kinky” is suggestive. What may be kinky to one person is the norm for someone else. Your thoughts?

““Kinky” is a word a lot of people associate with “abnormal or unnatural”, but actually I think we all have a little bit of kink in us. It doesn’t have to be extreme to be considered kinky, just different. There are several things that I think are kinky that I would probably never do, but I’m sure there are things I’m comfortable doing that someone else would not. My kink is not necessarily someone else’s kink.”

Q: Out of the two lead characters in your books, Maggie and Emma, which of the two is most like you?

“Emma, most definitely.”

Q: Are any of your books in print, and if so where are they available?

“No, not at the moment. But I’m planning on printing some this summer through Amazon.”

Q: Do you have another book in the works?

“Yes, I actually have two. One is a full-length novel, the other is a novella, both erotic.”

Q: Let’s switch gears and ask a few questions that may help the author that is just starting. Do you have a place set aside to write and a schedule of when to write, and/or a goal of how many words you need for a day?

“I try to write every day. Sometimes it might be paragraph, while other times it’s 2000 words or more. I like to write in the living room so I can be with my family, but if I need a quiet place to concentrate on something I’m having trouble with I use the home office or my bedroom.”

Q: There are a couple of things I hate about writing but deal with because I love to write. The biggest one: I hate to outline the book. Do you use an outline and stick to it?

“I have never used an actual outline, unless you count forming it in my head. That’s what works for me – sometimes my brain will switch gears and change things.”

Q: Have you taken any courses dealing with creative writing, and if so would you recommend a new author to take such a course?

“I haven’t taken any courses, but I have read several things online that have helped me in certain areas.”

Q: I’ve noticed that you mention your PA in a couple of posts on Facebook. Could you explain what a PA is and what their job is?

“A PA is a personal assistant. They are such a huge help when writing is not your full-time job. Paula helps keep my takeovers lined up and she is awesome at helping me brainstorm events and storylines.”

Q: When you begin a new project do you solely use your computer or do you write it out longhand?

“I always use my computer. In fact, I got a new one for Christmas.”

Q: When you read do you use an e-reader or do you prefer physical books?

“Both, I enjoy holding an actual book, but I like the convenience of my Kindle.”

Q: As authors we have always been told to read, and I have to agree that it has helped me a lot. What genres do you read?

“I like most all genres, but I tend to stick with erotic, mostly because it helps me in my own writing.”

Q: That wraps it up, Ava. Once again, thank you for agreeing and taking your time to answer the questions. In closing, is there any more advice that you would like to give to the upcoming author?

“I’m still so new at this, I guess my only advice would be to write what you know and read a lot! And never give up.”

Books by Ava Bell:

All of Ava Bell’s Books can be found on Amazon.

  • Miles From Home

The Tabu Series (3 Book Series)

  • C/curious,
  • A/awakening
  • S/submit.

You can connect with Ava Bell on the following social media sites:

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[Bloggers note: This interview with Ava Bell was originally published on 2-29-16 on Joseph Clay – Author Official Blog. The interview was moved to this site 3-20-17.]

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