Writing Tips – What is Flash Fiction and Why Write it?

Issue #59
Blog # 21-2017
Section: Writing Tips
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Flash Fiction - BlogFlash fiction has become a rage as more and more people take up writing. I write Flash Fiction my self.

I find it fun to write and writing a short piece helps sharpen my skills. Over on my Official Blog I have a category dedicated to it. Of course you have some writers who feel as it is a waste of time to write something so short.

It’s not only new writers who pen a piece of flash fiction either. Some of the most famous authors write flash fiction, and swear by it. The reason they give is a simple one.

Writing flash fiction doesn’t take a lot a time and keeps them sharp in between novels. Some have also brought up the fact that some of their flash fiction writings have been expanded and turned into best-selling novels.

Some writers have found writing flash fiction helps them beat writers block as it gets them in the mind-set of only needing a 1000 words at the most.

But what is it exactly?

Flash Fiction (53 – 1,000 Words). Flash fiction also known as short, short stories, micro fiction or postcard fiction. These stories are extremely short and normally deal with a single event.

The key to flash fiction is the last part of the definition, normally deals with a single event. Flash fiction is not going to have a cast of characters, a sub-plot or multiple hurdles for the protagonist to over come. Most flash fiction is written about a tragic event and its out come.

Now that you have a handle on what is expected from a piece of flash fiction and the length, you are ready to get at it. Here is some advice to get you started.

Don’t get flustered, flash fiction is harder to write than most people think. Like all writing it starts with an idea. This is where writing prompts can come in handy. Some prompts are written while others are visual.

Here at ThunderHorse Publishing we like visual writing prompts.

The reason why we prefer visual. Everyone sees the same thing but they do not comprehend and process what is seen the same way. If you show the same picture to ten people you will get ten different stories.

Below is a visual writing prompt we posted on our Facebook page.

#7.1 Dark Mistress

Below is a written prompt from our Facebook page.



Give flash fiction a try. If you or new to writing its a great way to get started. If you are an old hand at writing with several novels under your belt, use it to stay sharp in between books or maybe to get something on paper if you have writers block.


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