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Thomas McRae began writing poetry and has several books published in that genre. His latest release however is a short novel titled Pimp in the Pulpit.

Q & A with Thomas McRae – Author of Pimp in the Pulpit

20161220_195057-2 (2)After enjoyment for the reader, which is what all writers strive for, what insights on life do you hope they come away with after reading Pimp in the Pulpit?

“My main goal and desire is that when people read this book they can appreciate the value in self-love, because my book speaks on loving yourself, believing in yourself and not allowing anyone to steal your joy or break your soul. Pimp in the Pulpit is a book everyone can relate to because it’s about a dysfunctional family who doesn’t share the same values or beliefs as others. And that is why you have to be strong and diligent during times of adversity and hardship. Because no one is harder on you then your own flesh and blood.”

The disclaimer in Pimp in the Pulpit states that the story is based on personal experiences but not all facts. Did this cause any strife within the family thinking you were taking jabs at them?

“Truth is I informed everyone that I was making a book based on my life and my experiences with the family well before the book even got started. Most of them just shrug and didn’t pay me much mind, others showed some interest but for the most part I haven’t heard much from anyone about it… I’ve sent them all text messages that has the link to my book reviews, and interviews along with online radio interviews. My mother’s youngest sister wanted me to give her a free copy, but I refuse because she has gotten over on us more than enough times… so if she wants to read the book then she needs to support me like my mother and I have always supported her.”

How did you come up with the title Pimp in the Pulpit?

“My mother’s oldest sister is the primary inspiration for the book. I spent a great deal of time around her for many years. The reason I named it Pimp in the Pulpit is because legally she’s a minister but morally bankrupt. I’ve seen this woman con more people and pimped them out of their life savings while claiming to be doing God’s will. She is a opportunist who doesn’t know the meaning of honor and spirituality and that is why I wrote Pimp in the Pulpit as she was one hell of an inspiration.”

What event or was it several events over the years that made you decide to write Pimp in the Pulpit?

“There has been so many situations that has occurred over the years that really got under my skin. My mother has sacrificed so much, not only for my brother and I along with our father as well, she has given a great deal to her siblings and her mother also. After we were affected by Hurricane Sandy and no one in my family was remotely concern nor supportive when my mother needed them…. most of them turned their backs on her all the while smiling and laughing like they did nothing wrong. That’s when I made a conscious decision to speak the truth through my writing and my words.”

How long did it take you to write Pimp in the Pulpit?

“To be honest I can’t remember. The only thing I can remember is that when I started writing I couldn’t stop. I thought about Hurricane Sandy, several family outings and even other social gatherings that was entertaining and extremely funny. You see once I was able to let the anger go and find the humor the stories began to write themselves and I just went with the flow.”

There are several characters in the book, all with different outlooks on life. I have had several readers want to know if there will be other books that have some of the same characters in them?

“I haven’t decided yet but I am leaning towards it. Because one of the books I’m working on, titled The Funeral, is also inspired by my family and they’re craziness. The story takes place at my cousin’s funeral a few  years ago. Nothing is concrete but I’m not against the idea but only time will tell so we will see.”

The reason I ask , the pool of readers here at ThunderHorse Publishing all wanted to know if there would be a book centered on Minister Tierra Joy? They wanted to know what brought people to her church, what denomination she was and what her sermons were like?

“Unfortunately people are easy to manipulate especially when you don’t know better or you’re going through your own personal trials and tribulation. My aunt has always been a people person and a smooth talker, the sad thing is she isn’t much different from the ruthless dictators of other foreign lands. For example take Adolf Hitler this was a man who inspired a bunch of misguided, heartbroken and uneducated people and fed on their insecurities plus ignorance. The result was he took over power of the government and tried to eliminate all the Jews and take over the world.  Now don’t get me wrong my aunt is no Adolf Hitler but her manipulative and shady concept is very much the same. She preys on the weak and the foolish and uses that for her own person gain. The sad fact of the matter is as long as there are  people willing to follow there will always be someone willing to manipulate plus plot and scheme.”

The readers also wanted to know if there would be another book that focuses on Eddie’s growth as a person?

“I haven’t decided yet because Pimp in the Pulpit part 2 is pretty much done and I’m just waiting on my publisher to send me the last minute changes for the layout.”

Pimp in the Pulpit uses real word dialogue that includes slang, cussing and racial slurs. The dialogue reminded me of the way Mark Twain wrote using dialect from the region his characters were from. Were you worried that this style of writing would offend some readers?

“Not really because everyone has different taste plus life experiences, my world may not be identical to the next man beside me. And for that I make no apologies, I am merely trying to tell a story. Based on my life and my success plus failures as a man, as a person and as an individual. For the most part people have been very supportive and found the book to be quite entertaining.”

As an author we all have a favorite character in our tells. Who is your favorite character in Pimp in the Pulpit and why?

“I don’t have a personal favorite because each character is a reflection of my life. Besides all the characters in my book are quite funny and amusing. And that is why I can’t pick a favorite because they all are a part of me.”

Let’s shift gears and talk about the author behind Pimp in the Pulpit. How long have you been writing?

“Since Elementary School but I didn’t get serious about it until I got in my twenties. But even then my confidence in myself was not that high and it took me until I turn in my 30s to decide to step out and be a man on a mission with words and passion.”

Was Pimp in the Pulpit your first published work. If not what are the names of your other publish works?

“I have written several poetry books three of them are from Author House Publishing. The titles are Poetry for the Soul, The Soul of a Poet and The Lost Poems. The rest  however were published by Eber and Wein Publishing and the titles with them are; Blueprint, Supernova, and Poetic Salvation 1 & 2. Eber and Wein also published Testimonial Truth: A Book for the Brothers Political and Street Trash, my 1st short fiction novel, and Expression along with The Best Of Thomas McRae.”

What writing projects do you have in the works?

“Like I said earlier Pimp in the Pulpit Part 2 is in its final stages and I’m working on currently putting the finishing touches on it. After that I’m going to focus on my romance, comedy, drama short fiction novel called Six Winters and Seven Summers which was inspired by my brother. Once that is nearly complete I will move on to my other book which is called Whores 2 Men, which will be based on my uncles and possibly my brother I haven’t totally decided yet. After I’m done with that I will start on Ghetto Superstars, which is inspired by my co worker. But who knows I may work on my other short fiction novel called The Funeral which is inspired by my family trails and tribulations as well. I haven’t decided a precise order just yet, but I can promise you this! Each book will be fulfilling, entertaining and 100% authentic. Oh… my first short fiction novel called Street Trash that I created a while back but didn’t promote it as well as I could have… I’m going to bring it back online and promote it!”

When you are working on a writing project how many hours a day do you devote to it?

“Personally I can’t answer that because I devote whatever time I have available at that moment. Whether its an hour or 45 minutes it’s not about the time but how I’m feeling at that moment. Do I feel inspired, happy, excited, depress, frustrated, or all of the above.”

Do you listen to any type of music while you write or do you prefer silence?

“The only time I prefer music is when I’m working on a poetry book. Because most poems that I write are inspired by personal experiences and amazing music, especially the type of artist I can relate to. I love listening to the 90’s and 00 hip hop and R & B. Plus old school R & B and Pop music.”

Writing is therapy for a lot of writers, what gratification does writing bring to you?

“Writing brings a great deal of peace to my soul. It also inspires me to be the best I can possibly be, despite the negativity around me and the individuals who is praying for my downfall.”

As an author what are your goals for the future?

“My main goal is to get myself out there as much as possible. I may not be the world’s most famous author but I want to be remembered as one of the greatest, who had extraordinary talent and courage along with ambition.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

“As a black male in America I feel its my obligation and duty to try and visit Africa. Because it’s not only my homeland and heritage it’s also one of the most beautiful and unappreciated  continents of the world.”

What do you like to do on your spare time?

“I like to watch movies on some occasions read a good book. Hang out with my brother plus parents talk to my extended family and friends. Listen to some music and fantasize about the house I will eventually buy for myself and my parents.”

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV and your favorite team?

“I love basketball even though I don’t watch it as much as I used to but I still enjoy the game. I was a die hard Chicago Bulls fan for a long time but after several bad decisions they made I decided to support the Minnesota Timberwolves. Largely because the Chicago Bulls old coach Tom Thibodeau is now running the team and he brought over several of his former players from the Chicago Bulls.”

Thank you Thomas for your time and answering the questions honestly. We here at ThunderHorse Publishing wish you continued success in your writing ventures and hope you fulfill all your goal’s.

“Thank you Joe and ThunderHorse Publishing for all your support and generosity its deeply appreciated. I would like to close with this. If anyone wishes to contact me they can do so at mcraethomas135@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to answer questions, give advice or do a little bit of both.”

Pimp in the Pulpit - Cover

THP Book Review of Pimp in the Pulpit

Thomas was also interviewed by Steve Coplon host of Right Thinking on the Talk Network Radio click here for the interview.

Interview conducted and article written by Joseph Clay.

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