Writing Tip – Maintaining Balance

Issue #100
Blog #13-2019
Section: Writing Tips
Blogger: Joseph Clay

The 4-10-2019 Wednesday Writing Wisdom, which is posted every Wednesday on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, was brought to us by Stephen King.

All writers, this includes authors and bloggers tend to lose themselves in their writing world.

Having someone who believes in you and that is in touch with the real word we have to live in is vital.

However their has to be a balance.

I take it that Mister King is referring to his wife. My believer is the Queen of Sleepy Cougar Ranch. Your believer is that one person who pushes, praises and encourages you day in and day out. They understand that writing is your job and that being alone is a must. Your believer unselfishly gives you the time needed to get lost in a world that only you understand as you created it.

This is made easier if you set aside a block of time for your writing. Whether it is only an hour or a full eight or more and let your believer know your schedule. It also helps if that schedule is the same everyday. This will get you and your believer on a routine.

Now of course your schedule is not written in stone as shit happens, but a writing routine is a must.

The Queen of Sleepy Cougar Ranch

During your writing time your believer should try their best to give you the alone time you need to do your job. The Queen knows that I will emerge from my writing dungeon for breaks and lunch. She will wait till then to tell or ask me something.

During my breaks I may need to help her with a task or we may need to discuss an issue that has arisen.

As I prepare my lunch she feeds me the latest news from our community, state and the world. The Queen loves doing this and her updates do feed me story and blog ideas. By the time lunch is over I’m well informed of what I have missed while locked away. The Queen got to do what she enjoys, I benefited from it and it cost neither of us a cent. Well occasionally one of the news stories will spur us to make a donation to an animal shelter or relief efforts and/or assorted programs in the community.

When a visitor shows up looking for you know who she handles it with grace and sternness that only a Queen can pull off.

First she informs them I’m at work and then gathers the reason for the visit. If she determines that it needs my attention she doesn’t tell them to hang on and screams for me from the top of the stairs.

No she calls my cell as she knows I always answer her calls.

I either tell her to make me an appointment with whoever or inform her to give them the office number and I’ll handle it over the phone. Now if this intruder must see me I’ll tell her to let them know I’m only a few minutes from the house and will be arriving shortly.

Now for the balancing act.

When your writing day is done, remove yourself from your writing world and join your believer in the real world. Make sure you thank them for allowing you to stay locked in your office so you could work. Then ask how their day went. Make sure you listen while they are talking.

You should eat at least one meal together. The conversation at the table should be about anything besides your writing. Now if he/she asks about it, answer but don’t take over the conversation with it.

Here is a short list of activities that will show your believer you appreciate his/her support.

  • Have a date night at least once a month if not more.
  • Watch TV together
  • Cook and Clean together
  • Enjoy walks in the park or around the block.

Remember this Authors, Bloggers and Writers. Your believer respects your choice to be lonely while locked away in your writing space. This doesn’t mean he/she likes being alone. Give your believer the time they deserve or your nasty breakup my be the story line for another authors book.

Till next time keep the pen and the love flowing.

Written by Joseph Clay for ThunderHorse Publishing ©2019


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