Year End Report – 2019

Issue 118 * Blog 31-2019 * Read Time: 2 Min * Section: From the Horse’s Mouth

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas and is looking forward to celebrating the ringing in of the New Year. I know during this stretch of holidays life can get hectic. I promise to keep the year end report short and to the point.

ThunderHorse Publishing in 2019 showed steady growth.


We projected to publish 12 blogs in 2019. Thunderhorse Publishing fell short of that total by 2 blogs. There were 6 blogs posted in the Writing Tips category, 1 Book Review and 2 Musician Spotlights. This end of the year report makes blog 10.

Other Accomplishments

  • The website got a makeover and the finial touches should be completed in 2020.
  • ThunderHorse Publishing signed one new author to their stables.
  • Launched an online magazine, The Corral

The new author would be none other than myself, Nina Turnipseed. With the help of the great people at ThurderHorse Publishing I have started writing my first novel. I have also contributed two stories to the online magazine The Corral. Visit my site Nina Turnipseed for those links.

Never heard of The Corral? Well that’s because it is new.

The Corral, which I have the honor of being the Associate Editor of went live on June 24, 2019. The magazine like ThunderHorse Publishing was designed with the independent writer/author in mind. Go check them out at The Corral.

That will do it for 2019. According to what I have been told and read about the projections for 2020 it’s going to be a big year.

ThunderHorse Publishing will began rolling out services that pertain to publishing. These services will help the independent author release the best book possible to the public. I can’t say what theses services are at this time. I can say being an author I’m excited about them.

The services are reasonably priced and can be purchased individually or in packages.

The best news, I will be the one that gets to tell you all about it in the ThunderHorse Publishing Goals for 2020 coming in January.

Till then have a happy and safe New Year. Hugs and Kisses.

Blogger: Nina Turnipseed
ThunderHorse Publishing Author and Blogger


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