What’s in Store for 2020?

Issue 124 * Blog 03-2020 * Read Time: 4 Min * Section: From the Horse’s Mouth

Hi everyone. When I last left you the New Year was fast approaching. I took a long vacation to be with family and friends. When I returned to work I read Jo-Jo’s blog he posted the other day. The one that called Kay and myself out for being a little late with our projections. Well Jo-Jo I’m back behind the keyboard so here we go.

Not only will I be covering the 2020 goals for THP, I also have some exciting news to share.

ThunderHorse Publishing’s website/blog and social media outlets will be going through the normal yearly makeover. The social media sites, Facebook and Twitter have been completed.

Since we are on the subject of Facebook and Twitter that brings us to another goal for 2020. At the time of this publication we had a minuscule twenty four (24) page likes on Facebook. Twitter is doing better with one hundred six (106) followers.

THP’s goal, one hundred seventy five (175) to two hundred (200) followers on each social media site, by the end of the year.

Show me some love and give us a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter.

Now to the website/blog. I have started the website makeover and project it will be completed by the end of February. I have finished cleaning up all the pages and added the Joseph E Clay Dot Com logo where required. What made me the happiest was trashing that bright florescent green THP logo with a new one with softer and more gentle colors. I swear the background of the last logo was so bright it would burn your retinas.

I have also added new pages. The new pages will allow us to showcase the new publishing services we will be releasing this year.

Those services can be found under the THP Publishing Services tab in the menu and are follows:

The new services are linked and viewable, however they won’t became official till you know who approves them. When that happens I will issue a Press Release notifying everyone.

Both packages are responsibly priced and will help the independent author get noticed.

Since I hate social media I use Package 2 and I can say it helps getting you noticed on the World Wide Web. Package 1 is handled by Rick Chappell. Rick does a great job on The Corral. He designs the magazine from cover to cover and does the layout.

We are shooting to release two (2) more services from the list below by the end of the year.

  • Editing – Proofreading
  • Bowker ISBN Numbers
  • Interior Illustrations
  • Video Book Trailers
  • Marketing

All the above are important in our quest to help the up and coming author. We are looking at all of them with equal importance. From the data I gathered I see the Interior Illustrations and Video Trailers happening this year.

That is great news as I believe one of the best selling tools is a great video.

I don’t have a video trailer but Jo-Jo does. I’ll use his to show you what a good visual can do for a book.

To me a book with illustrations makes it more classy. The drawings help pull the reader deeper into the story.

I mentioned Press Releases earlier. ThunderHorse Publishing will start using them this year. They will have their own blog category, which I will create when the first one is released. I have already created a page in the menu. Under that tab you will be able to see all Press Releases by year.

Speaking of the blog, the format will change. These revisions are across the board for all the subsidiaries of Joseph E Clay Dot Com. The changes will make all the blogs uniformed.

ThunderHorse Publishing is slated to publish twelve (12) blogs this year. I don’t see that being a problem as I plan on pulling some Jo-Jo’s Music Monday pieces and posting them. We would like to do at least six (6) book reviews and a couple of spotlight features in 2020.

We are very close to signing a new author, Clay Douglass. After twenty five (25) years with the Department of Corrections he retired last year. Clay is also Kay’s older brother. When he is up from Alabama visiting Kay we all eat lunch together. Let me say this, Clay can tell some great stories about the life behind bars. All he needs to do is put those tales on paper.

I think Clay will sign on within the next two (2) to three (3) weeks as he and Jo-Jo get along great and have a lot in common. Jo-Jo also did a five (5) year stint with the DOC. Just to clarify Jo-Jo was not an inmate. He too was a Correctional Office at a different institution. They both own and ride a Harley. Jo-Jo thinks it cool that Clay’s first name is the same as Jo-Jo’s last. Plus Kay is pushing him to come on board to help with the boredom he now feels since he is not going to work everyday.

That’s a wrap, put in in the can. Till next time hugs and kisses,

Blogger: Nina Turnipseed – ThunderHorse Publishing Vice-President – Author/ Blogger



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