Galloping Through February 2020

Issue 129 * Blog 08-2020 * Read Time: 4 Min * Section: From the Horse’s Mouth

Howdy ThunderHorse followers and readers. When I last left you to begin my ride we had covered some exciting news in the blog Whats in Store for 2020?. We also touched on the projections for the year of 2020. My purpose of this blog is to get you updated on our progress and inform you of what to expect.

The long black mane and tail of Thunder Horse is blowing in the wind. He is focused and charging forward, with no fear!

I have received a lot of emails from fans, and I thank each of you for your support. Today I have the answer to one of the questions that several of you have asked. How did we came up with the name ThunderHorse Publishing? Well to be honest I have no idea so I started asking around.

Some people told me that Jo-Jo once had a horse named Thunder. He was named that because in a thunderstorm he was hard to handle. At the first clap of thunder the horse would turn and high tail it back to the barn.

Others stated that he did have a horse named Thunder and it was the only horse he couldn’t break and ride. The other explanation I got, it was his Indian name.

I found all those feasible, well all but the breaking of a horse. Jo-Jo is one determined man who never backs down or gives up. I decided that the only way to get the truth was to ask the man himself. Once he gave me the answer I laughed so hard my side started aching and I was bent over at the waist.

Jo-Jo at one time did own a pure black horse and rode daily. However the horses name was not Thunder, it was Midnight. At this time Jo-Jo owns no horses as he lives in the city.

So where did the name ThunderHorse come from?

Jo-Jo was at a yard sale one afternoon back in 2013. There laying on the table for five bucks was a light brown leather belt. The belt was in great shape and fit Jo-Jo. Across the back was the word “THUNDER”. When he founded the company four years later in 2017 he used the name from the back of his belt and his love for horses. He wanted to make the company name unique so he combined the two to make one word, ThunderHorse.

Now we know inspiration can be found anywhere. Let us giddy on up and get to the other items.

Website/Social Media

I projected the the website makeover along with the social media pages would be completed by the end of February. I nailed it. The new website and social media pages went live on February the 14. I would have been done sooner but was pulled from that project to help a co-worker and friend Kay, with theirs. No worries oh, I made my goal.


Being pulled did cause some delays. The Visual Writing Prompt (VWP) and the Wednesday Writing Wisdom (WWW) were posted late. They posted to social media as follows.

  • Wednesday Writing Wisdom – Saturday February 15.
  • Visual Writing Prompt – Sunday February 16.

I apologize to the readers and social media followers for the delay and any inconvenience it may have caused.

The schedule we have for these features to hit the website and social media are as follows.

  • Visual Writing Prompt – The first Monday of each month.
  • Wednesday Writing Wisdom – The second Wednesday of every month.

Social Media

Jo-Jo has converted his Instagram and Tumblr personal accounts to company accounts under the the name of Joseph E Clay Dot Com our parent company. He will use these two accounts to help promote ThunderHorse Publishing. All of our blogs and Press Releases will be posted to these sites as well as ours.

At dinner Friday night he informed me that to simplify things he may also combine the five Twitter accounts. I’ll keep everyone updated on that progress.

Come on, show Nina some love and give us a follow on one or all of the following social media sites.


Our next blog is scheduled for the middle of March. The blog subject: ISBN’s. The blog will cover the the guidelines and their proper use.

Did you know that a separate ISBN is needed for each format? Neither did I. Are the free ISBN’s issued through publishers like KDP and/or Smashwords as good as the ones purchased from Bowker?

This will be a must read for any author who is thinking of publishing a book.

Oh look the sun is setting. Time for me and my mighty steed, Thunder Horse, to get out of Dodge and disappear over the horizon.

That’s a wrap, send it to the presses. Till next time hugs and kisses.


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