What I Learned By Reading Novels By: Ava Bell

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Ava Bell has written four books to date, three of them are in the Tabu series. This will be the first time I have read and reviewed four books at one time, while keeping track of what I picked up from them.

However I had some time on my hands, so I headed over to Amazon and purchased Ava Bell’s books; all four were under $14.00.

Right off the bat I was surprised at the quality of her works. Miles from Home, her first book, is as close to flawless as one could hope for. Ava Bell did not make any of the new independent author mistakes that so many do. She followed the correct path from the start by using professionals to edit, create cover art and format the book.

Miles from Home has spectacular color inside and out and is readable on whatever device you are using.

You have read from me over and over that, if you are an independent author, please don’t think you can do it all – you will just wind up releasing shabby work that hurts us all, and it will take you several books that are well done to recoup any readers you have left. Nothing can be perfect, but you can get it as close as possible, as this author did, by hiring the right people.

Ava Bell followed the same dedication she has to putting out excellent work when she penned the Tabu Series.

The Tabu Series at this point contains three books.

  • C/curious
  • A/awakening
  • S/submit

The series is based on the BDSM life style. An alternate lifestyle that few can understand and fewer dare to talk about.

Ava Bell nailed it!

I have always heard, to write about what you know and/or passionate about. That passion will transfer to paper. Sometimes you are passionate about something but lack a full understanding of the subject for some reason are the other.

The fix for that. Research the hell out of the subject until you do have the knowledge to write about it.

Although each book is a continuation of the previous one, each book is also a stand alone story with a beginning and a definite end. Trust me when I say you can’t just read one. If you do you are cutting yourself short of pure pleasure. I made note of this technique as I may want to write a series latter on down the road.

I have read and reviewed books of an erotic nature and it’s one sex act after another, with a plot so thin you can see through it. So when I noticed Ava Bell is considered a writer of erotic fiction I figured that was what I was about to encounter.

I was shocked when I read her stories, they were not what I expected.

First off, Ava Bell’s stories have strong plots and excellent characters that carry the plot through the story at a good pace, with lots of twists and turns.

Ava Bell is writing about the troubles, curiosities and desires of everyday people and how they cope with those feelings. If we stop and think about it, sex happens – not as much as some of us would like, of course, but just the same it’s a fact of life.

Ava Bell builds the sexual tensions and adds the sex at the appropriate times, using terms that are not vulgar, but you still get the point. She paints the scenes with such skill that it allows the reader to feel the desire and passion the characters are struggling with and/or acting on. Not everyone can do this.

I believe that, after reading Ava Bell’s books, when needed I can write a tasteful sex scene that transfers the passion of the characters to the readers. If done correctly an editor won’t come back with.

“I will edit erotica, but with the slang you have used puts this in the category of Porn, I don’t edit Porn.”

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I hope you picked up a few pointers from my blog on what I learned from Ava Bell.

NOTE: What I Learned By Reading Novels By: Ava Bell was original written and posted on March 19, 2016 to Author Joseph Clay’s Official Blog. The blog was transferred to this site on September 13, 2020.

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