Book Review – The Cardinalis Code – By Avery Sterling

Issue #154 * Blog #33 – 2020 * Read Time: 3 minutes * Section: Book Reviews – Indie Authors

Genre: Romance – subcategories: Vampire Romances, Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

ThunderHorse Publishing Awards The Cardinalis Code by Avery Sterling 4.75 Stars out of 5

The Cardinalis Code is a Highly Recommended ThunderHorse Publishing read.

The Cardinalis Code is available in eBook and Paperback. Use the link below to purchase your copy today!

The Cardinalis Code was reviewed by the following associates of Joseph E Clay Dot Com the parent company of ThunderHorse Publishing and Spotlighting the Indie Author. The Star Ratings are added then averaged. That average is the number of Stars Awarded.

  • Joan Clay – 4.75 Stars out of 5
  • Joseph Clay – 4.75 Stars out of 5

The podcast, Spotlighting the Indie Author features an in depth review of The Cardinalis Code plus the Author Chat between Joseph Clay and Avery Sterling. Avery discusses her debut novel, a Supernatural Romance along with answering Spotlighting the Indie Author’s 10 Off the Wall Questions.

The Blurb Of The Cardinalis Code

What if vampires were a superior species and nearly undetectable? As successful, influential individuals, vampires live under a strict set of rules created by their government, The Cardinalis Order. Are you ready to understand what it means to break The Cardinalis Code?

When successful business entrepreneur Michael Chamberlain arrives in The Hampton’s to take over his father’s nightclub, he’s in search of a new donateur, a contracted blood source. Troubled and distant, Michael discovers he’s still very much alive when enticed by a beautiful woman, offering a kiss and a question: Can you be mine for five minutes?

Student Paislee Sullivan serves at the prestigious nightclub to pay her tuition. When she meets the mysterious Michael Chamberlain, who she believes to be just a gorgeous bartender with an attitude, she soon discovers her world is ruled by a species not of her own.

Wealth and glamour shroud a dark side that threatens her life when she signs Michael’s contract. In this steamy romance, two lovers wield a charming relationship that will be destroyed by the Order if she breaks just one rule.

The Cardinalis Code is also available at the following outlets. Use the links below to purchase your copy today!

The Cardinalis Code is a diamond hidden among all the cloudy cubic zirconium. The writing is outstanding! This is Avery Sterling’s debut novel and she paid attention to the details from the stunning cover to the book blurb. By doing so Avery put out a Novel that looks as professional as it is written.

This is undoubtably the best book I have read in 2020. The writing was excellent, the story line superb, and the characters were perfect. The other basics of a book were almost flawless.

Joseph Clay – Host of Spotlighting the Indie Author

The Cardinalis Code is a book for everyone as it is packed with Action, Suspense and Romance. The Novel is well worth the purchase price.

About Avery Sterling

Avery spent a good part of her life traveling with the military. She learned energy work and massage therapy in Kailua, HI. Avery also makes soap, candles, and other natural beauty products.

Avery now lives at the gateway to the western mountains of Maine with her husband and children. If she’s not hanging out with her wonderful family and growing number of cats, she’s staring out the window or lost in a novel.

Avery never lost the passion for writing romances and in March of 2020 released The Cardinalis Code.

This tale proves how strongly Avery feels about every romantic journey that she creates should have elements of adventure, sweet banter, danger, tension, and gripping content – and of course, all that steamy romance! 

You can Connect with Avery Sterling using the links below.

Thank you for stopping by and keep on reading!

Hugs and Kisses Nina


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