Book Review – We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth by Robert Biehn

Issue #155 * Blog #34 – 2020 * Read Time: 4 minutes * Section: Book Reviews – Indie Authors

Genre: Self-Help -Subcategory: Communication & Social Skills

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

ThunderHorse Publishing Awards We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth by Robert Biehn 4.25 Stars out of 5

We’re all Liars – 101 Ways to Live the Truth is a Highly Recommended ThunderHorse Publishing Read.

We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth is available in eBook and Paperback. Use the link below to purchase your copy today!

We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth was reviewed by the following associates of Joseph E Clay Dot Com the parent company of ThunderHorse Publishing and Spotlighting the Indie Author. The Star Ratings are added then averaged. That average is the number of Stars Awarded.

  • Nina Turnipseed – 4.50 Stars out of 5
  • Christy Warren – 3.50 Stars out of 5
  • Joseph clay – 4.75 Stars out of 5

The podcast, Spotlighting the Indie Author features an in depth review of We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth plus the Author Chat between Joseph Clay and Robert Biehn. Robert discusses his debut novel, a self-help book and talks about whats coming in the future.

The Blurb Of We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth

We all lie. We all know we all lie. And yet, we still spend so much time pretending we don’t lie as much as we do. Why is that? Because our innate fears and society have both convinced us that lying protects and the truth destroys. Do you know what’s ironic? The only thing that the truth destroys is a lie. For everything else, the truth sets us free.

We’re All Liars is focused on accomplishing three things:

  1. Getting us to admit that we lie, and we lie every day more times than we realize.
  2. Breaking down the truths behind some of the most common white lies we hear and say every day and the true statements we could have said instead.
  3. Discovering the truth that being honest with ourselves and others is essential to living a happy, fulfilling life for everyone.

So let’s be honest…we all know we lie, and,how hard it is to face the truth sometimes. That’s okay, but maybe it’s time to start doing something about it. How about, we start, by telling the truth?

We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth is a great self-help book that helps us deal with an everyday human instinct and problem. We lie at home, at work and probably in our sleep. Some time we lie to to keep from hurting someones feelings, other times its to keep us out of trouble or to protect a friend. Some lies are whoppers other just white lies, but lies just the same.

The book is broken in to three parts.

  • “Part: 1 Things to Consider.”
  • “Part 2: Society is a Liar.”
  • “Part 3: 30 Days of Being Honest” is a challenge to the readers. Robert has included thirty ruled pages in the back of the book to record our lies.

This book acutely surprised me. Many years ago I read The Purpose Driven Life a religious self-help book written by Rick Warren. “We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth” is similar in its simplicity and start forward languageOverall this was an excellent book all around. I enjoyed it so much that I plan on giving a copy to everyone on my Christmas list. This is one of those books you need to keep close by so you can refer back to it daily and in certain situations.

Joseph Clay – Host of Spotlighting the Indie Author

About Robert Biehn

Robert Biehn is a Masterful Storyteller. Not a storyteller as in white lies and fibbing but the art of storytelling, with the written word whether it be lyrical or novels.

Robert is a Christian man who enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. Besides his family Robert also has an abundance of passion for helping others!

Robert is a licensed real estate agent along with being a professional contract negotiator. He also enjoys singing/songwriting, writing books and scripts, acting, along with a variety of other things.

His personal motto,

“Work for what I own, Own all that I am.

Kiss whom I love, Love whom I kiss.

Give as I’ve been given, Don’t take life as a given.

Humility be, my closest friend,

That I may always love, even after my end.” Moto written by Robert Biehn.

Thank you for stopping by and keep on reading!

Hugs and Kisses Nina


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