Book Review – The Seventh Spark: Volume One – The Knights of the Trinity by J.B. Lion

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Metaphysical Fantasy – Gothic Fiction – Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

ThunderHorse Publishing Awards The Seventh Spark: Volume One – The Knights of the Trinity by J.B. Lion 4.50 Stars out of 5

The Seventh Spark: Volume One – The Knights of the Trinity is available in eBook and Paperback format in two different versions. Traditional Novel, eBook only. Visual Novel, eBook and Paperback. Use the links below to purchase your preferred version today!

The Seventh Spark: Volume One – The Knights of the Trinity was reviewed by the following associate of Joseph E Clay Dot Com the parent company of ThunderHorse Publishing and Spotlighting the Indie Author. The Star Ratings are added then averaged. That average is the number of Stars Awarded.

  • Joseph Clay – 4.50 Stars out of 5

The podcast, Spotlighting the Indie Author features an in-depth review of The Seventh Spark: Volume One – The Knights of the Trinity, and two Author chats with the author.

The Seventh Spark: Volume One – The Knights of the Trinity was published by Creative Book Writers on November 25, 2020 and is available on Amazon. The price ranges from $8.99 for the Traditional Novel, eBook only. $19.99 for the Visual Novel (eBook) and $29.99 for the Visual Novel (Paperback). Of course if you are an Amazon Prime Member or have a Kindle Unlimited Membership those prices may differ.

The Blurb Of The Seventh Spark: Volume One – The Knights of the Trinity

Three dark beings from other worlds unite in a nefarious plot to bring rapture upon the realms of men

In the darkness of the night, few things could be darker. Two beings are standing side by side, hooded and cloaked; watching the sky in the dark of night. Nothing to be seen around them except the grey sky hanging over them. The stars sparkled and delivered the minute illumination that was barely of use in the void that lay ahead. The grass was moist, and the trees stood tall and confident, while marking the passage for the duo, or maybe confusing them. The thick branches spread wildly affront with wet leaves hanging and slapping the figures as they pierced them to make way for their march. The wind was dry and chilly yet howled violently in the thick blanket of gloom that covered the duo. However, both men had dark souls resting within them, and that gloomy night was nothing short of a blessing, as they relished their walk in the night that would have certainly strike as harrowing to every sane mind. One began pacing, moving from one side to the other. “Can you stop?” the unmoving companion requested. “The meta-anthropoid is belated, his presence overdue,” the other figure muttered.

“What?” “It is past the witching hour; I expected better from the inaugurator of this devious machination.”

“Your constant jittering won’t make him come any faster, one eye,” the other said in a menacing tone.

…I was impressed by J.B. Lions writing style and eye for detail. His writing talent come through with each well-structured sentence. The scene setting along with the character descriptions were excellent allowing the reader to visualize the story, pulling them into it. J.B. Lion also did a great job invoking all 5 senses…

Joseph Clay – Host of Spotlighting the Indie Author

…The purchaser will not be disappointed with either Visual Edition of the book. The Visual on the computer is great, but the paperback is my hands down pick. The paperback version gives the reader the full scope of the novel and the visuals….

Joseph Clay – Host of Spotlighting the Indie Author

About J.B. Lion

J.B. Lion

J.B. Lion, acclaimed author of The Wall and the newly first book of The Seventh Spark series, Knights of the Trinity credits his family for helping to launch his career as a writer.

An introvert as a kid, J.B. Lion had a very active imagination and spent most his nights creating short stories, reading, choose your own adventure books, or playing video games.

Mr. Lion was a stellar student in high school and college and always had a knack for creative and professional writing. Those traits would come in handy as he spent most of his adult years as a project manager, traveling the world implementing transit technology.

During this time, he never stopped writing short stories. Over a 15 year span he filled several notebooks with his tales. The primary theme of these stories culminated from a simple game he would play with his two sons to pass the time. The game centered around three different societies, each one trying to outmaneuver one another for control of the universe. A king of the hill concept if you will.

After years of nagging from his loving wife (who is an author herself), J.B. finally decided to do something with those hundreds of stories in his notebooks. He began writing the Seventh Spark Series.

J.B. lives in Richmond Texas and when not writing Mr. Lion enjoys spending time boxing (may-thai), watching movies, and playing video games from the 1980s and 90s.

You can connect with J.B. Lion using the links below.

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