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The Site:

As of 4-9-2019 this site is 80% complete but remains under construction. This is the last step in the restructuring of ThunderHorse Publishing. This message will remain until the site is completed.

After a rough start and a lot of changes Thunderhorse Publishing is once again helping the independent author have a voice. The past wasn’t pretty, but it is just that the past.

Who We Are Today:

ThunderHorse Publishing is an internet based company located in Nashville, Tennessee owned by JosephClayAuthor.com.

Joseph Clay, is a published independent author who began his writing career in 2012. He knows the agony and struggles a new writer encounters as he has been through them. Joseph had a desire to find away to help others, writers and musicians avoid some of the same pit falls and mistakes he endured.

Joseph Clay created ThunderHorse Publishing out of that desire and necessity to serve the needs of the independent author and musicians to ease some of those struggles.

The company is geared to help the independent artist have a voice and gain name recognition in his/her chosen field. We believe we have created a platform that will showcase the independent author/musician that will accomplish just that.

Toward the middle of June 2019 ThunderHorse Published began developing an online magazine titled The Corral. This new addition to the ThunderHorse Publishing family will showcase the writings of authors and sing writers. The first issue is scheduled for publication January 1, 2020.

ThunderHorse Publishing desires to help the client succeed in his/her field. However ThunderHorse Publishing must maintain a reputation of being honest and fair.

The below guidelines will protect the integrity of ThunderHorse Publishing and assure the professional communities that as a company we put the the profession, whether it be writing or singing first.

ThunderHorse Publishing will not:

  • Take payment for reviews from any artist, independent or otherwise. This allows ThunderHorse Publishing to give an honest assessment of the manuscript, published book and/or music.
  • ThunderHorse Publishing will not use our resources to design a cover, format or mix any publication/song that they feel doesn’t meet the standards of the industry.
  • ThunderHorse Publishing will not be apart of publishing a book that they feel is below industry standards.
  • ThunderHorse Publishing will not be a apart of publishing a manuscript that has not been edited by a professional editor.
  • ThunderHorse Publishing will also refuse to publish a book that has been edited but our editor declares the edits are not up to industry standards.
  • Nor will ThunderHorse Publishing help in putting out a book that has been edited, but the author refused making the suggested changes that would make the work the best it could be.
  • ThunderHorse Publishing will not issue a Bowker ISBN if the book does’nt meet our standards. The ISBN we issued show us as the publisher of record.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope to work with you soon.