The Corral – Online Magazine

The Corral is an online magazine that was created to give the Independent Author of any experience level a voice. The magazine will publish Poetry, Flash Fiction and Short Stories of any genre.

The Corral will be issued four times year. The Winter and first edition is scheduled to be published online January 2020.

Not only will The Corral publish the above literature the magazine will also feature:

  • Contest

  • Spotlights: Will feature Independent Authors as well as Musicians.
  • Q and A: This section will contain interviews of Independent Authors, Musicians and others who can help the the Independent achieve success.
  • Book Reviews: One random book, per issue, written by an Independent Author will be reviewed.
  • Suggested Reads: Five books by independent authors that have been recently released and ready for the readers to enjoy will be featured.
  • Photography: Through out the pages of the magazine, photos take by amateur, professional and independent photographers will be feature.

The Corral relays on independent authors to fill the pages of the online magazine. We publish Poetry (3 per issue). Flash Fiction (2 per issue, 1 from submissions 1 from contest). Short Stories (2 per issue). The best from each category will be featured on the cover of the magazine.

Open Submissions

At this time The Corral is taking submissions of the following types of writings.

  • Poems
  • Flash Fiction
  • Short Story

The Corral has an immediate need for the winter issue, which will be their first publication.

Below is the sample issue to give the writer/reader a feel for the, magazine and the content it will feature.

The Corral

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