Nina Turnipseed

Name: Nina Turnipseed

Genre: Romance – Erotica – Mystery


  • None to Date – Across the Hall One Door Down her first release is scheduled for February of 2020.

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Writing Credits

  • The Spirit Train – Short story published in The CorralIssue: Halloween – October 24, 2019.
  • What Damn Day Is It -Short story published in The CorralIssue: Sample – June 24, 2019.
  • Blogger: ThunderHorse Publishing 2019 – Present

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Nina Samantha Turnipseed is an Australian (Sydney) born but American raised, since the age of 3, retired dancer and model. She now enjoys life as a blogger/podcast host/writer. Nina is the youngest of three children born to Samuel Turnipseed and Nina Davies.

After graduating high school, with her parents blessing she moved from Valdosta, Georgia to New York to study music, theater and dance. Nina roomed with her older sister and began her studies.

Nina’s sister Abby, worked in the fashion industry as a designer. To help Nina pay her part of the rent and with college fees, Abby petitioned her firm to hire Nina as a model. After interviewing Nina and seeing first hand how photogenic she was, they gave her the job as a print and runway model.

Heartbreak left Nina devastated in 2001. She lost Abby in the 911 attacks. Her parents along with her oldest sister, Nicole made the decision to move back to Australia. They felt American was no longer safe.

All three begged Nina to come with them. Nina was torn on what to do. She still had two more years of school left and if the whole family left…Nina felt like they would be leaving Abby alone. After months of torment, crying and discussing her feelings with her family she made the tough decision…she would stay behind so Abby would have family in the same country.

Nina struggled but continued her studies in the performing arts and continued modeling. After completion of her studies, modeling and dancing took her all over the world. She got do a lot theater acting and ballet in Sydney. Her parents were always in the front row.

Nina after a stent in Hollywood moved to Las Vegas in the last years of her twenties. She settled there and worked as a showgirl for several years.

Early in her career Nina took odd jobs in between gigs to keep her head above water. Later in her career she did the same, but for different reasons. She wanted to make sure her savings account didn’t take a hit and she could retire before 40 to chase a dream of hers.

During her travels Nina kept a journal of her adventures and misfortunes. The journal was packed with her sordid love life along with the different jobs that she had taken to pay the bills and what some required of her to get the job. The pages were also filled with the pain of losing Abby. Her writings also contained her regret of leaving the small southern Georgia town and not chasing her dream of becoming a writer. A dream of hers since middle school.

Nina in her late thirties hung up her dance shoes and moved from Las Vegas to Cody, Wyoming where she now resides. Using her journal as inspiration she is now pursuing her dream.

Hobbies – Personal Interest

  • Horseback Riding
  • Photography
  • Hiking
  • Motorcycle Riding
  • Comic-Cons


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