Podcast – Spotlighting the Indie Author

Hosts – Nina Turnipseed and Joseph Clay

Show Description

Book Reviews and Interviews with a dab of writing wisdom tossed in. The hosts will focus the spotlight on Indie Authors. 99% of the interviews will be of Indie Authors, the 1% is for special guest that may join us. During an interview one of the host or both will ask an off the wall question that leaves the interviewee shaking their head.
The book reviews will be split 80% Indie Author, 20% main stream authors. Every review will be honest and when needed brutal. Along with the review Nina and Joseph will award 1 to 5 stars to the book. During the review the hosts will cover what can be learned from the author of the book. These bits of wisdom will help Indie Authors become better writers by learning a new technique and/or avoiding mistakes.

Spotlighting the Indie Author Podcast

You can listen to the Podcast here or on your favorite Podcast Provider.