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Looking for some professional help. Need a book cover art or design. Interior formatting or illustrations. May be you are in need of a Proofreader or Editor. The Recommended Freelancers page has a professional who can help you.

The companies and/or individuals below have the same dedication to help the independent release a professional looking book to the public as ThunderHorse Publishing. The companies and/or individuals on the Recommended Freelancers list have been vetted by ThunderHorse Publishing. Check out what they offer, then reach out to them using one of the furnished links.

WillowRaven Illustration & Design Plus

Book Cover Art & DesignArt or Maps (1-3) – Book IllustrationMS Edit (1 pass) – Block/Interior Layout/Format (incl. 1 copy-edit) – ePub/eBook Layout/FormatSeries/Brand Logo: ​text & art5 Page Website.

“Although I have several discount incentives, for those who want multiple services, I’ve put together a few package deals. Pick any Two, Three, Five, or all Seven. Or maybe you need an entire picture book illustrated and formatted? These deals can be modified to suit your needs (like for a children’s book or two sites and one cover, etc.. Just let me know when you will be available for a live chat.”

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