The Corral

Would you like to have your book showcased in one of the Corral’s many features or yourself. The magazine also is open submissions for poems, flash fiction and short stories. The magazine also features Photographers, Musicians along with Artist/illustrators. Visit The Corral or contact to find out more.

Below you will find the latest edition of The Corral an online magazine that was created to give the Independent of any experience level a voice. The magazine will publish Poetry, Flash Fiction and Short Stories of any genre. The magazine will also feature Independent Photographers, Musicians and Artist/illustrators.

Joseph E Clay Dot Com ThunderHorse Publishing’s parent company covers all expenses associated with The Corral magazine. This keeps the publication free to readers and to all independent authors/musicians/photographers who make submissions and whose works are published.

We have enlisted the readers of the magazine to help Joseph E Clay Dot Com offset some of the cost of the magazines. If you enjoy the magazine, had you work or youself featured in the magazine or just believe in what we are doing, help us out.

A donation of any amount through PayPal would be great and help with hosting fees and paying the bills.

The Corral

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