The Past – It Wasn't Pretty

ThunderHorse Publishing was formed in June 2017 by Independent Author Joseph Clay. In January of 2018 Joseph turned the reins over to a consulting group who specialized in helping writers and other artist get published. After a year of growing pains, management changes and natural disasters Joseph cleaned house and took the company back over.

From January of 2019 till the end March of the same year Joseph spent restructuring the company, bringing it back to his original vision.

His first goal was to combine the website,, that contained an e-commerce store which sold books and services with the blog, Joseph transferred the domain name to this site. is still an active domain name and will redirect to this site, but will not be renewed.

Joseph discontinued the services that required a fee that were offered by ThunderHorse Publishing when the plug was pulled on e-commerce website. When asked why he took the company a step back by cutting the services that were not free?

“Let me start out by saying that right now THP’s main focus is regaining the trust and respect of the independent artist. The suits in charge were not treating the independent artist with the respect they deserved. They were also destroying the vision I had for ThunderHorse Publishing. It all starts with one simple fact. Independent Authors, Photographers and Musicians have been characterized as bad artist with no talent. It is believed they put out below average work and can’t get signed through traditional avenues. That’s not the case, not all, be most have talent and the desire to succeed. This stigma comes from publishing companies preying on the Independent Artist and publishing anything, for a fee of course. I hate to say it, but ThunderHorse Publishing was becoming one of those companies, striving to make a dollar at the cost of hurting the industry. I had to put  a stop to the injustice. Publishing something that is below standards hurts all of us Independents. With that said, I don’t see cutting those services a step back, in my eyes I see it as a step in gaining the trust back by not overwhelming the client with a bunch of services bundled together in packages. Half of the services the package contained were no use to the purchaser. The other reasons I cut the paid services. They need to be reevaluate. Most were over priced and some were not obtainable to the beginning writer. Will THP ever offer these services again? Sure we will but one at a time and over a period of time. That way I know the services will be at a fair price and ones that the independent artist can afford and use.”

Joseph Clay – Founder of ThunderHorse Publishing March 2019