Mission Statement

The Site:

As of 4-9-2019 this site is 80% complete but remains under construction. This is the last step in the restructuring of ThunderHorse Publishing. This message will remain until the site is completed.

Our Mission:

To remove the stigma that surrounds Independent Authors and Musicians. Most believe Independents publish and/or release below average work due to having no talent. They believe this is reason they can’t get signed through traditional avenues.

ThunderHorse Publishing will give the Independent Author and/or Musician a voice and platform to help destroy those beliefs. This platform will also help the Independent get noticed, heard and recognized.

How ThunderHorse Publishing will Accomplish the Mission

ThunderHorse Publishing will help the Independent release the best work possible by offering free services and services that require a fee. Theses services will be collectively priced and in most cases below industry average.

ThunderHorse Publishing will work as hard as their clients do to get the name and works of that Independent Artist in front of potential agents, customers and the general public.

ThunderHorse Publishing will use the internet, social media and other means to help accomplish this.

ThunderHorse Publishing will honestly review the work by the Independent and then try to point the Artist in the correct direction to allow him/her to release their best possible work.

ThunderHorse Publishing will not:

  • Take payment for reviews from any artist, independent or otherwise. This allows ThunderHorse Publishing to give an honest assessment of the manuscript, published book and/or music.
  • Use their resources to design a cover, format or mix any publication/song that they feel doesn’t meet the standards of the industry.
  • THP will not be a part of publishing a book that they feel is below industry standards.
  • ThunderHorse Publishing will not be a apart of publishing a manuscript that has not been edited by a professional editor.
  • ThunderHorse Publishing will also refuse to publish a book that our editor declares is not up to industry standards.
  • Nor will THP help in putting out a book that has been edited, but the author refused making the suggested changes that would make the work the best it could be.

The above guidelines will protect the reputation of ThunderHorse Publishing and assure the client that we have their best interest in mind. We desire to help the client succeed in his/her field.

When the Client succeeds ThunderHorse Publishing succeeds!

THP will do this while treating the Independent with respect and not as a source of income.