Mission Statement

The Site:

As of 4-9-2019 this site is 80% complete but remains under construction. This is the last step in the restructuring of ThunderHorse Publishing. This message will remain until the site is completed.

Our Mission:

1.) ThunderHorse Publishing will work as hard as their clients do to get their name and works in front of potential agents, customers and the general public.

2.) ThunderHorsePublishing will do this while treating the independent with respect and not as a source of income.

3.) When the Client succeeds ThunderHorse Publishing succeeds!

4.) ThunderHorse Publishing will honestly review the work by the independent and then try to point the artist in the correct direction to allow him/her to release their best possible work.

5.) To give the Independent Author and/or Musician a voice and a platform to share their works. ThunderHorse Publishing will do this using the methods below.

  • Interviews: ThunderHorse Publishing will conduct interviews of the independent and post to this website.
  • Showcases: Here we feature an independent and highlight their works.
  • Reviews: ThunderHorse Publishing will read and listenin to music by independents and review those works.
  • The Corral: An Online magazine that accepts Poetry, Flash Fiction and Short Story submissions in any genre, written by the independent author. The Corral also has contest the independent author can enter., an inline magazine, and via social media.

All Reviews, Spotlights and interviews will post to ThunderHorse Publishing’s social media sites.

6.) To remove the stigma that surrounds the independent authors and musicians.

Most believe independents publish and/or release below average work due to having no talent. We at ThurderHorse Publishing know this is far from the truth. This stigma must be overcome. Read The Stigma Surrounding the Independent Artist for more on this subject

We will help the independent release the best work possible helping all independents overcome this stigma.

ThunderHorse Publishing will help the Independent by offering free services and services that require a fee. Theses services will be reasonably priced and in most cases below industry average.

  • Blogs that feature writing tips.
  • Consultations by emails or phone

Some of the services that are coming soon to help lift the stigma for the independents:

  • Bio Pages. (For those who have no internet presence or website.)
  • Manuscript Review
  • Proofreading/Editing
  • Book Cover/Album Design
  • Book formatting for print and eBook versions
  • ISBN’s issued by Bowker

The Thunderhorse Publishing Team