THP’s Recommended Reading List

Below you will find the books that we have reviewed and have made our Recommend and Highly Recommend Reading List. Not every book we review makes these list. The Recommend Reading List is for books with a 3.25 – 4.00 Star Rating. The Highly Recommend Reading List is for books that have earned 4.25 – 5.00 Stars.

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THP’s 2021 Highly Recommended Reading List

  • Breathtaking – Author: Courtney Turcotte Bond. 4.69 Stars (BlogPodcast)
  • Make Pretend – Author: Armand Rosamilia. 4.40 Stars (BlogPodcast)

THP’s 2021 Recommended Reading List

THP’s 2020 Highly Recommended Reading List

  • The Spider Who Saved Christmas – Author: Raymond Arroyo – Illustrations by Randy Gallegos 4.75 Stars. (BlogPodcast)
  • The Cardinalis Code – Author: Avery Sterling 4.75 Stars (BlogPodcast)
  • The Seventh Spark: Volume One – The Knights of the Trinity – Author: J.B. Lion 4.5 Stars. (BlogPodcast)
  • The Noise in the Woods – Author Jim Hartsell, Illustrated by A.B. Walker 4.5 Stars (BlogPodcast)
  • Red Sandy Cat Detective – Author: JA Stone 4.5 Stars (BlogPodcast)
  • The Boy Who Saw in Colours – Author: Lauren Robinson 4.5 Stars (BlogPodcast)
  • Muerte Death, is What I Do – Author: John W. Wood 4.25 Stars (BlogPodcast)
  • Lucy’s Mask – Author: Lisa Sirkis Thompson – Illustrated by John Thompson 4.25 Stars (BlogPodcast)
  • We’re all Liars…101 Ways to Live the Truth 4.25 Stars Author: Robert Biehn (BlogPodcast)

THP’s 2020 Recommended Reading List

  • The Hell Next DoorAuthor: Mark McLaughlin 3.25 Stars (BlogPodcast)