Visual Writing Prompts

About Writing Prompts

There are several reasons writing prompts are important. They help shake Writers Block, start the thought process for a piece of flash fiction, short story or novel. Some writers who are in between writing projects will us them as a writing exercise. They know writing everyday is a way to hone and keep their skills sharp.

There are many types of writing prompts. The most common are the Written and Visual. ThunderHorse Publishing uses the visual. Why? We all see the picture, event or person. However how we process what we see is unique to each individual. A visual prompt can jar memories that only that person has.

Gather your friends and make a night of playing the Visual Writing prompt game.

Featured Writing Prompt

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Fall and October have arrived. That could only mean one thing. Halloween is right around the corner. Some people get as excited about Halloween as kids do about Christmas. One thing for sure it is a festive time of year.

Got writers block?

Use this prompt to think back on your favorite Halloween costume.

Need inspiration?

Study the picture and write about what you see. Include all the W’s. Who, What and Where along with When and Why.

Use the Visual writing prompt to get an idea for a poem, piece of flash fiction or short story. Once you have completed the piece submit it to The Corral, who knows they may publish it.

Need something to do with friends on a cold and dreary fall night. Gather your friends around and play The Visual Writing Prompt Game. The rules are below.

The Writing Prompt Game Rules

The rules are simple. All you need is friends, piece of paper and writing instrument along with an imagination and of course a Visual Writing Prompt. Each person has five minutes to write a short piece about what they see, what they think happened and what the outcome will be. The winner is the person with the best story that answered all the ‘W’ questions. Who, What, and Where along with When and Why.

Past Writing Prompts