What We Offer – For Free

When the Client succeeds ThunderHorse Publishing succeeds!

Respect and Dedication

  • ThunderHorse Publishing (THP) will treat all clients with respect and not as a source of income.
  • THP will work as hard as their clients do to get their name and works in front of potential agents, customers and the general public.
  • ThunderHorse Publishing will respect the clients wishes. At no time will we bully or pressure the client into purchasing any kind of service from us. We are here to serve the client, not the other way around.

The Website/Blog

The website contains the blog.

The ThunderHorse Publishing Website has dedicated pages that contain Visual Writing Prompts and Writing Tips and Charts. The Writing Wisdom tab features Motivation/Inspiration and Advice from the master’s in the craft of writing. The other tabs on the website are where you can find press releases, publishing services and the authors of THP and more.

The ThunderHorse Publishing Blog is where you will find tips on writing and publishing. The topics range from word processing programs to reference material to formatting and ISBN numbers.

The blog also contains ThunderHorse Publishing articles. These articles showcase the talent of the Independent. The below features are listed below and free to all independents.

  • Book Reviews: We review books written by independent and main stream authors and publish them here. The rule is simple. We give honest book reviews on all books purchased by ThunderHorse Publishing. Note: For independents that send us a book at no charge, PDF or paperback the following protocol is used. Once the book is read and we decide the work doesn’t meet industry standards, below three stars out of five, we will not post a negative review of that work. We will publish the review only stating the book fails to meet industry standards. We will also inform the author of our findings and suggest how revise the work. Sample Book Review
  • Q & A with (Insert Your Name Here): This is an interview of the independent. Sample Q and A.
  • Artist Spotlight: The Artist Spotlight is used for several reasons. The article is a great way to introduce a new independent to the public. The Artist Spotlight is also an excellent way to introduce a new release by an author or musician. Sample Artist Spotlight.

Would you like to be featured in one of the above. Use the Contact Form and drop us a line.

The Corral – Online Magazine

The Corral is an online magazine and another tool ThunderHorse Publishing uses to showcase the talents of independents. The magazine is published quarterly and is filled with poetry, flash fiction and short stories all written by the Independent Author/Writer no matter their skill level.

All the features mentioned above are also eligible for publication in The Corral. The complete list of features that appear in magazine are;

  • “Review’s by Christy”
  • “Books from the Barn”
  • “Stories from the Stables”
  • “Pics for the Pages”
  • “Songs from the Silo”
  • “Art from the Attic”
  • The Corral Spotlight”
  • The Corral Q and A”
  • Contest Winning Entry.

To see a full description of the features in each issue of The Corral click the button below.

Free Services That Are Not Listed Above.

  • BETA Reading Service: All genres including Erotica.
  • Consulting by email or Phone. (Phone by Appointment only). Got a question, and want an honest answer. Using the Contact Info tab. Send us an email and ask away or ask for a phone appointment. We will see if we can’t find an answer or point you in the direction to get your question answered.

ThunderHorse Publishing has a line a paid services to help the independent release their best work possible and have a voice.

Where THP Draws the Line

We fill that the stigma surrounding the Independent Author has to be lifted. That starts with us the publisher. To further understand what I’m talking about read The Stigma Surrounding the Independent Artist.

ThunderHorse Publishing desires to help the client succeed in his/her field. However THP must maintain a reputation of being firm, fair and consistent along with being honest.

The below guidelines will protect the integrity of ThunderHorse Publishing. They will also assure the professional community that as a company we put the the craft first and the mighty dollar last. Together with the Independents we can dissolve the stigma that surrounds our industry.

ThunderHorse Publishing Guidelines

THP Will Not;

  • Take payment for reviews from any artist, independent or otherwise. This allows ThunderHorse Publishing to give an honest assessment of the manuscript, published book and/or music.
  • Use our resources to design a cover, book or album. Format or mix any publication/song that we feel doesn’t meet the standards of the industry.
  • Publishing a book we feel is below industry standards.
  • Publishing a manuscript that has not been edited by a professional editor.
  • Publish a book that has been edited but our editor declares the edits are not up to industry standards.
  • Publish a book that has been edited, but the author refused making the suggested changes that would make the work the best it could be.
  • Sell or issue a Bowker ISBN if the book doesn’t meet our standards. The ISBN we issue shows us as the publisher of record.

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