Words of Wisdom from the Masters

These quotes from the Masters of their craft are inspirational and motivational along with inspiring and informative. These masters include authors from the past and present. Stephen King and John Steinbeck are just the tip of the iceberg. There are quotes from song writers and musicians like David Bowie and Neal Peart just to name a few.

At the first of every month we change out the featured quote with a new one. Don’t worry the old one gets moved down to the Words of Wisdom from the Masters Slideshow!

What can one say about Elmore John Leonard Jr other than pure genius. He was a novelist, short-story writer, and screenwriter.

His earliest novels, published in the 1950s, were Westerns, but he went on to specialize in crime fiction and suspense thrillers, many of which have been adapted into motion pictures and Television series’. My favorite “Justified”. Elmore Leonard pinned a a great writers guide titled Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing which Joseph reviewed.

Elmore’s advice is simple and shows that writing is not something we do for fun or money but writing is something we do because we need to as it’s the most satisfying thing we do.

Stephen King also refers to writing for pleasure in a slide below. He states writing is not something that one does to get laid, get famous or make money. It’s about getting happy.

Are you writing for the wrong reasons?

Link to Elmore Leonard’s Book Reviews and Writing Tips

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