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The second Wednesday of every month we post what we call Wednesday Writing Wisdom. These bits of wisdom are from famous authors, musicians and others who have mastered their craft. They are motivational and inspiring along with being informative.

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When David Bowie died in 2016 the music industry last an amazing writer and musical talent. The fans lost a heck of a performer. I still remember the Bing Crosby David Bowie duet during a Christmas special.

His advice on how he was so successful stands true 4 years after his passing.

I think as writers we all are guilty of second-guessing ourselves. David states that was one of his biggest mistakes.

When around other writers I’ll ask them what they are working on. 75% will tell me they are working on what is trending in the market. 50% of that 75% will also mentioned they don’t that particular genre, but they must write it to sell books.

No not really, a good book sales no matter the genre. Plus trends come and go. By the time the writer finished the book it may not be the in thing. David mentioned this with the words “or please an audience” which comes right after second-guessing.

Be like David Bowie get selfish with your writing and write what you desire. I bet you will find out David was right, it’ll be some of your strongest and best work.

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